Monday, August 2, 2010

My Most Cherished Handmade Possession

This week's question in my Create Crochet Team was: What is your most cherished handmade possession?

This one is hard for me to answer. I am most fortunate to have a rather craft family and as such I have been the most grateful recipient of many, many handmade things.

I have a beautiful doll cradle that my grandfather built. It housed many of my favorite dolls and now lovingly rocks my own daughter's dolls.

I have a hand-rusted, welded flower bird feeder that my father made for me. It holds a very special place in my heart. I remember when he pointed it out to me and told me he'd made it for me and take it home. I remember feeling loved by my dad and what an amazing feeling that is for a girl!

I have a child-sized quilt that my great-aunt made when I was born. It has been hand embroidered with all the names of my relatives. It must have taken her ages! I carried it everywhere as a child and my son Micah now sleeps with it every night.

I have a porcelin doll that my grandmother lovingly put together for me. She even lovingly glued it back together when it fell out of bed.

I have a wooden plaque, hand-carved and hand-written upon it a poem that my mother wrote when she was just a teen. It's called "Opinions" and I still find it profound.

I have blankets, hats and scarves that my best friend has made for me, careful consideration on her part put into the colors, yarns and fabrics.

I have pottery that my sister made for me when she was still in school, my favorite being the sculptured hampster she made in likeness of my childhood pet.

I cannot forget the myriad of artwork, crafts and even jewelry that my children have produced and given to me with smiles lighting up their faces, joy beaming from their eyes. I have kept it ALL.

All of these things hold very special places in my home and in my heart. I could no sooner pick a favorite than I could pick a favorite star in the sky. Each of them fills my soul with memories more precious to me than any store-bought item could ever hold. Perhaps the most treasured handmade possession is the creativity that has been passed down to me, generation to generation.

It is with this burden and passion for the handmade that I myself create. Whether it's something for my children, a friend, my mother, grandmother or to sell, I remember that a handmade item will take with it a piece of the soul of the creator and weave that piece of soul with another, to create what only handmade items can - an heirloom.


  1. well put, very lovely....I agree whole-heartedly.

  2. So Very True!! It is hard to pick just one. I have a few handmade treasures with which I would never to part. You write so eloquently. Thanks for sharing. I love reading your blog :0)

  3. you are blessed to have such a wonderful assortment of handmade memories...

    Your last two paragraphs are so true.

  4. Must be great to see your little one gaining comfort from what gave you such comfort, too! Personally, I'd love it, but would still be feeling a little jealous ;o! Peace.

  5. Aw, Marianne, thanks so much! I appreciate such a nice compliment!
    Linda, I snuggle up at night with a baby now so the jealousy hasn't been an issue. I just have to snuggle SOMETHING, lol!