Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Create Crochet's Question of the Week

The question for our team this week is: If you could go on an expense-paid trip, where would you go?

This isn't actually an easy question for me. There are so many places I'd love to visit! I'd love to go to Germany to see my heritage and ancestory. I'd love to go back to Korea and revisit the culture, language and people. I'd love to throw a backpack on my shoulders and trudge through the European countryside. Where to pick? It's almost as hard as when my husband and I actually plan a vacation, although at least then we are limited by budget!

I think if I were given free reign, I would take my husband and my children and I would head to Amish country for a few months. I would love to cast aside electronics and conveniences and experience a simpler life. I would love for my children to experience this life as well. I think it would teach us so much about each other and more importantly, about ourselves.

How can a person discover their true self in this world of distractions? It seems everywhere we turn there is something to keep us from looking inward and examining our heart. A new game, an internet chat room, a tv show, a phone call... Rarely do we get to just buckle down and work hard and be with ourself in the quiet. I find it the one thing we continue to lose as we "progress". I would love to take a few months with the people I cherish most and find it.